Case Study: Back to the Roots hires order specialist to handle growth

Hiring two critical roles to help busy founders scale

Gardening Kits – Ready to Grow!

Back to the Roots is the fastest growing organic garden brand, now found in over 10,000+ retail stores.

Scaling a Team

Interest in home gardening kits grew during the pandemic, as did complexity, operating costs, and need for more team members

Hired Candidates in Remote Roles

Trusted Simera to hire the best talent available, regardless of location - quickly interviewed and on-boarded two new hires

Business Challenge

Back to the Roots was expanding quickly and needed an order fulfillment specialist to join the operations team. The person would work closely with the Director of Operations to manage the order fulfillment stream, respond to customers and vendors, work with the warehouses, and support the team to make a fantastic customer ordering experience to help grow the business.

They needed someone with a passion for analysis, processes that scale and the ability to translate numbers into insights and improvements. Also on the wishlist: strong communication skills, responsiveness, extreme attention to detail, and scrappiness. 

At the same time, CEO Alejandro needed to carve out more time to focus on building the business. He chose to hire an Executive Assistant.


Solution: Tech and Talent

Simera quickly identified a short list of professionals for both roles, who were interviewed and selected by the Back to the Roots (BTTR) team. Elena joined the Operations team, bringing the right competencies in supply chain, and quickly getting familiar with the client portals (BTTR is found at Walmart, Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's and more). She is working with logistics and manufacturing companies, handling wholesale orders, working with co-packers and co-manufacturers, and making sure the supply chain stays on track. Elena brings new ideas to the table, has tweaked existing processes, has trained newer team members.

Cecilia was hired to be the executive assistant, who quickly organized meetings, calendar and inbox, bringing much-needed structure and time to Alejo’s busy schedule. She continued growing and taking on additional work, and was promoted within a few months.



“Working in startups requires a different set of skills and mindset. Simera honed in on the right credentials, added training courses, and built in the skill development for me to thrive in a start-up environment. I was promoted within a few months!"
Executive Assistant, Back to the Roots
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