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Your all-in-one recruitment, payroll & skills development platform

Simera is an AI-powered on-demand supply and demand matching platform.
It will connect you with ready-to-hire remote candidates in your time zone who have already passed several language and industry competency skill assessments.
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“When it comes to the whole package; training, certifications, data on skills management and hiring, nobody is doing it like Simera.”
Alejo Velez - Back To The Roots
Alejo Velez

Back To The Roots

“We doubled our staff in 60 days and also doubled our overall business. And, we received increased interest from Latin American organizations because we invested in building teams in the region."
Tim Bradbury

Better Manager

“Working in startups requires a different set of skills and mindset. Simera honed in on the right credentials, added training courses, and built in the skill development for me to thrive in a start-up environment. I was promoted within a few months!"

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Simera's Platform makes hiring top talent easier than ever

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World-class talent within reach

Location is no longer a constraint, and you can now focus solely on hiring the best. Expand your business outside of your own nation by affordably hiring world-class workers from different regions.


Get US-quality employees at remote prices

All applicants have successfully taken skills assessments from reputable testing platforms, demonstrated their English proficiency, and have been pre-screened by internal HR professionals.

The future is remote
Find out why 87% of clients expand within 90 days.
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